The Benefits

We want the Charter to be a real benefit to the churches as well as youth workers and, of course, young people themselves.

When a church is accredited, first and foremost it means that you are taking the responsibility of employing a youth worker seriously. It shows you have thought about some of the issues involved and are approaching them with integrity and the intention to be the best employer possible. It also says something important about the values and ethos of your church.

But the Charter also has other benefits.

It means that you can display the Charter logo on a wide range of publicity, including job advertisements. Prospective youth workers, thinking about applying for your vacancy will know that churches who have achieved Charter accreditation will have good standards of employment and are likely to be an excellent place to work. You can expect to attract more and better candidates if you are accredited with the Charter.

It means you are able to receive discounts on the cost of other resources and services.

Accredited churches can take out a subscription to Youthwork magazine for just £20 instead of the normal price of £29.

Accredited churches also receive a discount of 10% off the cost of full membership of Amaze, giving access to their range of benefits.

We plan to add additional benefits in the future.