The Basics

There are nearly 8,000 paid youth workers in churches in the UK but how they’re employed and managed varies widely: sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn’t.

The more spiritually alive and refreshed a youth worker is, the better example they will be to young people.

Well managed and supported youth workers do better youth work and often stay longer in their role in a church.

The Charter is a way for churches to think about how they’re supporting a youth worker spiritually and practically. It helps make sure you’re covering all the essentials.

The Charter has been welcomed and endorsed across amost every denomination in the UK.

Churches can be accredited if they plan to do at least two actions for each of the promises in the Charter in the coming year.

The actions do not need to be time-consuming or costly. For example, a church might agree to set aside a small amount of money in the coming year’s budget for devotional books for the youth worker.

Churches can choose how they go about deciding what their actions will be and you can approach it in any way that suits your church.

Accreditation lasts initially for a year, but you can easily renew in three year blocks.

Of course these principles could apply to other paid members of staff in a church and to volunteers. Feel free to expand and explore the ideas in your church as much as you like!