Resources for Volunteer Youth Workers

Now you can apply the principles of the Charter to volunteer youth workers too. Although formal accreditation through the Charter only relates to employed youth workers, we know the principles are just as important for the many thousands of volunteers helping churches and organisations work with young people. We want to support and encourage churches to think about how they can use the Charter to make a difference to these volunteers.

As a result, we’ve produced a Volunteer Guide to help churches adapt the principles of the Charter to volunteers.

We’ve also put together a job description for volunteer youth workers to outline their roles and responsibilities: there’s a sample one already filled in, together with a blank one to download and use.

Together with the volunteer job description, we’ve also produced a volunteer agreement. It helps clarify expectations between volunteers and churches about all the key issues that should be covered, including time commitment, supervision and expenses. It’s also an interactive pdf, meaning you can click on each section and fill it in on a computer, before printing.

Download Volunteer Agreement.

Resources for Paid Youth Workers

We’ve produced a booklet explaining everything you need to know about accrediting your church with the Charter. It outlines each step a church needs to take and includes an application form if you’d prefer to fill one in on paper.

We’ve also got a Powerpoint presentation that you can use to explain the Charter to groups like PCC’s or church meetings.

The cartoonist and ex-youth worker Dave Walker has produced a series of cartoons depcting each of the seven promises. You can download posters of these cartoons to help raise the profile of the Charter.

Employing Youth and Children’s Workers by Paul Godfrey and Nic Sheppard was published by Church House Publishing in 2008. It’s a helpful guide to some of the issues covered by the Charter.

Go to Church House Publishing’s web site.

Best Practice Manual published by AMAZE is a comprehensive manual covering all areas of best and safe practice for youth and children’s workers.

Employment Manual also published by AMAZE is a useful manual is designed to help you through the complicated process of employing a youth and children’s worker.