Common Questions

Is the Charter only for churches or can organisations and projects use it too?

The Charter is for both churches and organisations, so schools projects, youth projects and others can apply for accreditation too.

What actions will be rejected as unsuitable?

The Charter is the first step for churches to develop the management and support of their youth worker, so the requirements for accreditation are intentionally broad and fairly easy to fulfill. However, actions that are too general or vague will not be accepted for accreditation. For example, an action that says “We will try and pray more this year for our youth worker” is a general intention rather than a specific action. “We will add the needs of the youth worker to our prayer list for our monthly prayer meetings” is much more specific and will be suitable.

How is it decided if the actions we promise are suitable for accreditation?

Each application will be reviewed by a member of staff from Amaze who will decide if the actions are suitable for accreditation.

Why isn’t the Charter for volunteer youth workers as well?

We felt we had to start somewhere, and that the employment issues for paid staff needed particular focus in the Charter. We hope that we’ll be able to adapt and expand its use in time to volunteers. In the meantime, churches can apply the principles of the Charter to everyone including volunteers.

What if we have more than one youth worker?

Churches only need to accredit themselves once and it applies to all their workers. You can add the names of more than one worker when you apply online or, if you’re using the paper version, add them on a separate piece of paper. For larger organisations, with over 10 staff, contact us and we’ll make special arrangements to administrate your application.

What if we can’t think of two actions for every promise?

You’ll need two actions for every promise to be accredited, but you can include things you already do, as well as new ones. Alongside the ideas in the booklet, we’ll be publishing more examples of what churches have been doing in the future. If you’re really stuck, try connecting with other churches and working on the Charter together.

How do I get the discounts mentioned for Youthwork magazine and Amaze?

You’ll get a registration number when you’re accredited, which you can quote when you take out a subscription to Youthwork or membership of Amaze. Please note that the discount only applies for the first year.

Why do we have to pay for accreditation?

Most of the cost of developing the website, producing the booklet etc has been covered by fund raising. All those involved in the development of the project have felt strongly enough about it to give their time freely too. However, there are costs in administrating the applications, running the web site and promoting the Charter. For that reason we make a very small charge to help cover these expenses. Annual accounts will be published to make sure there is full accountability to you about where and how these funds are spent.

What is your privacy policy?

We are committed to your privacy. We will use the information you provide for the purpose of providing information about the Charter and accreditation. We may also inform you about related services which we believe may be relevant to you and keep you informed about the work of Youthwork, and it’s member organisations, and AMAZE. If you would not like to receive these communications please contact us. From time to time we may change this privacy policy so please check back when you next visit the site. We will not share your information with any other third parties or organisations without your permission.