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Welcome to the National Charter for Church Youth Workers.

We’re helping churches reach the highest standards in the way they employ a youth worker.

Encouraged, inspired, enthusiastic and spiritually-alive youth workers do better youth work. And young people need as much of that as possible!

The Charter is being run across all denominations and churches.

The Charter is not profit-making, and only charges a small administration fee to cover basic costs.

The Charter is all about making a positive difference to churches, to youth workers and, above all, to young people.

NEW! Resources for Volunteers. Now you can apply the principles of the Charter to volunteer youth workers. Check out our resources page to find out more.


We love our youthworker

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"The Baptist Union’s Mission Department welcomes this initiative. I believe that this Charter is timely, prophetic, and if taken seriously would change the culture and practice of employment of youth workers."

Ian Bunce, Head of Mission Department, Baptist Union of Great Britain

"I am convinced if every church employing a youth worker was diligently outworking this Charter, it would have a dramatic effect, not only our youth workers but also on the young people they serve."

Steve Clifford, General Director of the EA

"Over the last twenty years the church has done a fantastic job of recognising the need for youth workers. Now it’s time the church took a serious look at the needs of youth workers."

Martin Saunders, Editor, Youthwork Magazine

"This Charter is a clear, strategic and timely reminder that as youth workers express and demonstrate worth and value to those they serve, as the church we should be doing exactly the same for them."

Susie Mapldoram, Diocesan Youth Officer, Manchester Diocese

"This Charter helps the church articulate its desire to value and develop its youth workers. I believe it will add richness to those who are among our churches greatest assets!"

Mark Pugh, National Director, Serious4God

"I commend this National Charter to every church who wants a fulfilled youth worker and the resulting growth in their youth work!"

Rev Stephen Gaukroger, Clarion Trust International

“My prayer is that the Charter will, indeed, be a great encouragement to all churches that employ a youth worker to show in even more tangible ways that they really do value, love, and cherish them.”

Peter Ball, National Youth Adviser, Church of Engalnd

“Every church should commit to The National Charter for Church Youth Workers. It reminds us all that we have a responsibility to care for those who are at the forefront of so much incredible work with young people here in the UK.”

Steve Chalke, MBE Founder, Oasis Global, Faithworks & Stop The Traffik